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Working With Us

Neuro Building Systems utilizes the following strict, proven process to make sure our products and services are implemented properly and consistently on each project:

Evaluate current mechanicals, controls, and monitoring systems in place at both the central plant and tenant level to identify opportunities for enhancement.

Strategize and design a building-wide wireless network infrastructure, utilizing Neuro’s unique star-to-mesh technology to connect all IoT devices and/or controls.

Install the network, IoT devices (i.e. thermostats, sensors, actuators and switches) at the occupant level to control terminal units (baseboard heaters, fan coil units, PTAC, radiators, AC units, etc.), gateways, and/or controls at the central plant level (boiler plant, cooling tower, chiller plant, pumps, etc.).

Commission the network to ensure all equipment is reporting accurate and reliable data.

Push all data to the cloud platform to enable real time control, monitoring and analytics.

All gateways and nodes on a network must continue to operate as designed. Whether they represent points of monitoring or control, their status is reported back to a central system to ensure continuous operation.