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Working with Engineering and Energy Consultants

Neuro Building Systems is a central platform providing access to real-time operational and equipment data to all buildings within a portfolio. Although buildings will often have different manufacturers providing controls equipment throughout a portfolio, the NBS solution acts as an integration hub, pulling in all lower-level field controllers connecting all monitoring and control points to a single platform in the cloud. If the building owner is already utilizing another cloud platform, the data can be pushed to this system via a standard open BMS/IoT protocol. Through cloud-to-cloud integration, any of the NBS modules can be directly integrated with other cloud-based systems to help extend the overall value for everyone involved.

Validate your recommended energy conservation measures by providing real-time data analytics and continuous commissioning initiatives. Through NeuroEDGE and NeuroCORE, cost effective and easy to install equipment level monitoring solutions are available to put “meat on the bones” regarding your auditing and commissioning services. Enhance your offering and increase revenue streams by becoming the proactive voice to your clients, alerting them to inefficient equipment, scheduling and operational practices in real time.

Based on your building energy analysis efforts, make recommendations to integrate end node devices such as thermostats, sensors, relays and actuators to monitor/control terminal units (fancoil, PTAC, electric baseboards, window AC units, radiators) in apartments, hotel rooms, classrooms, and office spaces through NBS. Our star-to-mesh network enables all of this equipment to report back to a central gateway and controller. This results in improved comfort for occupants by upgrading the control capabilities, and further optimizing central plant operations by only running equipment for the precise length of time to satisfy the actual occupant demand throughout the entire day.