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Working with Design and Construction Firms

Building owners are always looking to make upgrades to enhance the value of their properties, but with smart building technologies moving at a lightning pace, it is difficult to keep up. Implementing a wireless network infrastructure to cover an entire building at the time of new construction or a retrofit sets up owners to effectively plan for future projects to install IoT devices such as smart thermostats, light switches, and leak detectors across entire properties as the products emerge and become adopted by the market. With the wireless network infrastructure in place and covering an entire building, the owner can choose to “light up a property,” adding devices at a pace that fits into their capital improvement project schedule over time. These IoT devices that are continuing to gain significant traction are improving amenities to the tenants, as well as enabling buildings to run their equipment more efficiently, saving money for all paying parties. Neuro Building Systems offers consulting services to assist firms in coming up with the right Smart Building strategy to future proof their projects.