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Working with Building Owners and Managers

Neuro Building Systems allows for the enhancement of current controls in a building, bringing the monitoring and control of all equipment at both the central plant and occupant/zone level under a single platform accessible from any mobile device. Building operators receive actionable alerts via text/email on all systems and equipment throughout the property, giving them the ability to pro-actively manage their site, saving on maintenance costs, and minimizing visits to occupant spaces to address comfort issues.

Building owners and managers can achieve a new level of management and insight using NBS's solutions. NBS provides a portfolio level dashboard view of your properties, allowing for a closeup look at building energy performance from a financial perspective, and highlighting dollars being saved with each control and monitoring measure being implemented. NBS is a central platform for partners such as HVAC service and engineering companies to gain access to operational and equipment data, which will help better serve the property on an ongoing basis. If the building owner or management company is already utilizing another platform, this data can be pushed to the incumbent platform. The platform provider will have the ability to integrate with any module of the NBS that they see fit to enhance their offering.


Designed to be utilized for both retrofit and new construction projects, make your building smart with NBS's wireless sensor network technology. Once the network is in place, smart devices can be installed over time to satisfy budget schedules, amenity improvement initiatives or operating enhancement efforts virtually anywhere in the building, with direct connectivity to the cloud. The technology opens up worlds of possibilities: leak detectors can be placed at the exact spots where there is the greatest risk, light switches can be added to locations without having to be wired creating highly flexible systems, and sensors can be placed in the best location to sample zone temperature to maximize the delivery of comfort. It becomes as simple as mounting devices wherever they are needed.