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The NeuroCORE Platform

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Future proof and enable technology

A cloud-based platform for real-time monitoring, control, and analytics. Enable managed services including advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) and dashboarding. Use market signals for Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings (GEBs) and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). NeuroCORE-Transparent-1can also bring global control and fleet management across systems, properties, and portfolios.

Scalable, Portfolio Management
Multi-tenancy - User Management and Profiles
Real-Time Management and Control
Fleet Management
Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)
Technology Enablement
Transparent and Secure Access

Value Provided

                                                                                                                 An integration hub for building management systems (BMS) and IoT device networks. Integration hub is a gateway capable of integrating data from converged networks including BACnet, Modbus, enocean, Niagara, etc. 

edge provides turnkey solutions for installing, configuring and maintaining state-of-the-art controls and gateways that connect to the cloud. NeuroEDGE’s powerful, highly flexible controls and gateways communicate over both wireless and wired networks.

Centralize disparate platforms to a single managed location
Aggregate multiple sites across a portfolio
Secure, cloud-based connection for monitoring and control
Data management and redundancy